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Racer Game Codes

The "GameCodes" section will be updated as codes become known and available.

RRCYYUN gives you a new pod in the place of Bullseye Navior. Discovered by Student

RRDEBUG: To get Cy Yunga first unlock Bulleyes Navior then enter in an empty game slot for a code RRCYYUN. It really works. Discovered by Marcus Seevers


To enter a code in, select a empty file, then press and hold the Z button while you scroll through the initials. Spell out the code letters by holding Z and pressing the L button while over the letters. You should see the code spell out in the bottom left corner of the screen. when you are finished, highlight END and press L. Now for the codes.

GAMESHARKS CODES - For those of you who want the codes for Gameshark, here is the page for the all of the codes. It is said that you must have the GameShark Version 2.2 Or Higher & The Game Must Run In LOW Resolution Mode for the codes to work. If You try to use these codes in in HI resolution mode, they will not work and the Game will crash.

RRJINNRE - unlocks a secret pilot. ONLY works after you unlock Mars Guo.

RRDUAL -  activates the dual control thingie. you can pilot the pods with 2  controllers. 1st player uses ports 1 & 3, while player 2 uses ports 2 & 4

RRJABBA - invincible, nuff said.**

RRTHEBEAST - activates mirror mode, lets you pilot the races backwards, normally mirror mode is only available AFTER you beat all the races in 1st place.** 

** for the RRJABBA and RRTHEBEAST to work, you must activate them in the cheat menu. to do this, pause a race, then press on the D-pad, left,down,right,up.

*** every time you reset the game the codes have to be re-entered.  









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