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Pod Racer Hint & Codes

The Ahn Fahn has sent us news about some podracer hints and cheats. He mentioned that they should work on N64 and PC.  Nearly all should be performed with a fully upgraded pod. 

The Abyss: Here is how to get a lap in under 25 seconds on abyss. You need to play with Bullseye Navior because he has the sharpest turns in the game. You may also want to have a fully upgraded pod.

Race the track normally until you get to the second section of track that is surrounded by the wires. Start your boost well before you see this section. Stay on the right side of the track and turn on your side. Just as you enter this section, ram into the left wall and hold back. You should fly out of the track. Just head towards the finish line and try to land without crashing. Easy as pie.

To get a lap in under ten seconds, just follow these steps. It's really pretty easy, too. Play with Bullseye Navoir. Just ride the lower track, and take the long winding route. When you reace the part where the ending track is above you, turn on your side and jump off the right wall. You will be on the concrete under the bridge now. Just ride the concrete upwards-you will fly through the bridge. Now hold back and turn slightly to the right. You should get about a forty second lap. But while you are still in the air, fly quickly to the right and jump the right wall past the finish line. Land back on the track where you first fell off and start process over.

Bumpy's Breakers: This secret can be performed with nearly every pod, but they must all have full upgrades.
Race the course normal until you reach the last big jump before the sharp left turn. As you approach the jump, make sure you have full speed (600 should do it). Stay to the very right, and just as you are about to jump, slam on left. If you did this right, you will be heading towards a rock wall. Hold the pitch up and acceleration buttons the entire time. You will go through the wall, and will land on the other track. This saves you about 4 to 5 seconds.

Legacy: Race the course all the way to the last section where you can take the top route or the bottom. Just as the right wall disappears, jump off the right side and ride the right wall. You should make it to the top on the other side and save a few seconds.

Zugga: This will get you passed the huge sandcrawler without having to go under him. Just as you exit the tunnel before him, take a right and ride up the triangular polygon. If you make it to the apex without crashing, you will fly over the edge and you can shave a few seconds off your lap time.

Inferno: Play with Mars Guo. Perform this just after the starting line. Turn on your side, and keep riding into the right wall while holding back. Once your front end is in the air, turn left and still hold back. You should fly up and over the left wall and land on the next portion of track, saving lots of time.

Guantlet: Race the course normal until you get to the bursts of fire coming out of the ground. Turn completely around and follow the wall that is now to your left. Turn on your side and start climbing the wall (works best with Mars Guo). Work your way up to the top. The technique is hard, but you should get the hang of it. Just constantly hold back, and keep alternating left and right, spending a little more time holding left than right. Make sure not to fly over the edge until you reach the fence that connects to this rock wall. Then fly off and start heading towards the part of track that looks like a bunch of concentric circles. After heading that way for a second or two, head back to the right and you will see a very long straightaway below you. Just land on it, and then finish the course. Can we say under 3 minute 3 lap on Gauntlet? Sure we can.

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