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Racer Strategy Section

The strategy section is where YOU our readers can take an active role! If you think you've got a hot and helpful strategy for gameplay surrounding Star Wars: Esisode I Racer, then you can submit your strategy or tips for posting in this section! Once you've written up your strategy and / or tips... just email them to our staff and we'll soon have a list of those submitted. Thanks for participating in the community.

Here are some quick links to strategy guides concerning the game:

In addition, be sure to stop by the Pod Racer Forums for help from fellow Racer gamers!

Hear More Taunts: When in tournament mode, press SPACE on 'start race' to see your character taunts it's opponenet and vice verca, and in game push the taunt key to hear more. Discovered by Vulture

Buying Parts: When in "Buy parts" screen, select on a certain item so you see it enlarged in the chart, and then press SHIFT+4+F4 to get 100 truguts. this can be done 5 times only before a race. Discovered by Vulture

Oovo IV & Barronda Courses: On the Oovo IV and Baroonda courses, big podracers are generally more trouble than their worth.  Neva Kee or Anakin are good choices for these races. Discovered by Starhiker

Upgrading Pods: As far as upgrading a podracer goes, it doesn't make much sense to have the fastest podracer on the course if it you can't control it or it takes forever to reach the top speed.  Upgrade speed, turning, and acceleration about equally. Discovered by Starhiker

IPX for Multiplayer Tips:
1. Dont think that the other people are cpu racers because they aren't and plus they're much better than the retarded AI of the cpu's.

2. Practice the track 20 more times than you thihnk you should. If you crash it, you've just cost yourself the whole race.

3. Most?some? people are very crappy at Podracing. They all have this disease that causes them to continually swerve left and right in a futile effort to steady the racer.

4. Don't trust those wimps playing as Bullseye Navior.

5. If someone has a very big podracer, expect him/her/it to try to trash people with it

6. Boost all you ever can, but don't get an engine fire.

7. If you find yourself losing, try using Sebulba's podracer (you won the SP game, haven't you? Right?) on the training course and see how you do.

8. Sebulba's flamejet doesnt seem to affect cpu, but it makes humans very angry. Discovered by Shudong Yang

Knock Out Tip: There are some ways to knock out another podracer (helps if you're bigger than your target):

1. Swerve hard into it. I mean really hard. It will either take a lot of damage or blow up.

2. When it's just ahead of you, turbo boost into it. If done right and if you hit him exactly dead-on, he will explode.

3. On the Tatooine tracks, get a big podracer like Ark "Bumpy" Roose. At the little crack that you have to scrape through, just sit there right in front of it. Podracers behind you will start exploding all around you.

4. Knock him into a wall.

5. When using Sebulba, flamejet him and them swerve into him. The flame will light him up (which will decrease his maneuverability) and the swewrve will knock him out.

6. Try boosting into him when he's on ice.

7. Weak podracers include:

a. Anakin Skywalker
b. Slide Paramita
c. Bullseye Navior

Pod Background Tips: Anyone who has the CD can also find backgrounds under \gnome\data\images (saving a download) along with a piccy of the development team and some other bits. All the sound FX from the game are here as wav files under \gnome\data\wavs (customize windows sounds like crazy!) Some cool music here as well. Discovered by Dodger

N64 Boosting Trip: For all N64 users, if your old controller is kinda flabby and you have trouble boosting, try this trick: When you tur on the console, the analog stick is automatically calibrated. Hold the stick back a little (mere millimeters/fractions of an inch) while switching on the power. Now when you let go of the stick and it centers itself, its already in the "nose down/boost" position. You can check the amount of downward drift when you're in the canteen or the junkyard and are allowed to browse by pressing the "z" trigger. Your sights should slowly crawl to the floor. In the race this has practically no effect on your performance (except on jumps where you should take care to pull back the stick a little) but greatly supports your boost power up.  Discovered by Toast

RRCYYUN Code Tip: To get Cy Yunga first unlock Bulleyes Navior then enter in an empty game slot for a code RRCYYUN. It really works. Discovered by Marcus Seevers

Higher Level Tracks First: If you're looking for more money to upgrade your pod faster, go play the higher-level tracks first off, utilizing your boosters at every chance to get by your opponents, when you're ahead of everyone else, it always seems that if you don't slow down a lot, or hit the walls, they never pass you. Discovered by Josh Beeler

Multiplayer Tip: If you guys want to play multiplayer over the net, a really good place to play is at www.heat.net. All you have to do is download the katalyst program and sign up for free. Just go to the room "Starwars: Racer"

Extra $1000 Cash: When buying new parts for your Pod, press Shift+F4+4 to get an extra $1000 cash. This can only be done five times.  Discovered by Philip C.

Beat Sebulba: On Sebulbas Legacy follow these instructions to beat sebulba:

  1. play as Neeva Kee
  2. always be holding z,a,and controll pad up
  3. experiment with the track
  4. Do NOT Confront SEBULBA head on!
  5. When neccecary ram other players into sebulbas right side.  Discovered by LHA353

Star Wars: Racer Secrets: On your second lap in the galactic league snow level, there is a secret entrance to the left at the start line. A tent opens up. Or, you can trigger this by going backwards on the first lap, back to the arch in the rocks, then go forward, and the secret entrance will open. Discovered by S Michael Anderson

High Floating: On any Oovo IV level just before exiting an anti-gravity tunnel pull up and keep pulling up away from the ground and if done right, after exiting you will keep floating in the air hugging the ceiling. Discovered by Speedup82

N64 Expert Gamer Guide Tip: As far as I can tell, the tracks are identical on the PC version, so the Expert Gamer Magazine works great. This is the June 1999 issue. They did leave out one really nice shortcut on the Boonta Classic.  A little bit after the start, there is a rock wall on the right. If you go along that wall, you will find a small opening. Blast up that opening at full speed, and you will jump back onto the race track, and shave several seconds off your race time. Another pretty key shortcut that came from the magazine is on the Ando Prime tracks. Just past the start/finish lines on the left side, you will see some red and yellow tents. After the first lap, you will notice one has an opening. If you blow through it, you in a secret tunnel that goes through the mountain. Discovered by Kevin 'Rifter' Rank

Unlock Bullseye Navior: After you unlock Bullseye Navior. Use him for all of the next races. Don't use any of your money from the races before and save for his pod. I beat the game in 3 1/2 hours. I love it. Discovered by Marcus Seevers

Junkyard Trick: If you go to the junkyard and don't find what you are looking for, just go back to the change pods and select any pod (including the one you are using now).  Now when you go back to the junkyard it will have all new parts. Just repeat as many times as you want until they have the part you need. Discovered by Trendkill

Player Taunt: If you hold the Z button while selecting "start race" you will see you and another pod racer insulting each other.  Discovered by MarMax

Network/IPX Suggestion: I saw that the only way you can play Pod Racer for the PC is through a Network/IPX. Well, many people on AOL, or any other server for that matter don't have a local area network. It came to my attention that the Microsoft Internet gaming zone has an "IPX room" if you may, that allows you to play networks games with other people. However, I have not tried playing it.  Some games do not work on the zone IPX. Correct me if I'm wrong about this, just thought it might be a helpful tidbit for star war PC gamers like me. Discovered by Aaron

BackTracking: Take your time on the advanced tracks to check out the short cuts, it's the only way to win. Backtracking is confusing, but sometimes it's easier to spot a short cut reentering the main track than to see where it branches.  Discovered by Toast

Boost: At start of race, press a when the Countdown fades. Timing is everything. Discovered by Matt43K7

Podracer Chat: Hold Z when you select start race. Discovered by Matt43K7

Double Tap R: When racing, if you double tap R, and you are not racing Sebulba's pod, the character will taunt the other podracers. If you are racing as Sebulba, you can light other peoples engines on fire if you double tap R. Discovered by Matt43K7

Hold Your Nose Down: On the track that has the antigravity tunnel, hold your nose all the way down. You should coast through just fine. When you come to an open area, manuver around the obstacles, then when you re-enter the tunnel, push your nose down again. Discovered by Thomas Knight

Racing Sebulba: When racing Sebulba on Tatoonie pass him on the left hand side of his racer because when he flashes his vents it comes out on the right hand side. Discovered by Michael Pama

Pay Attention:

1. Keep your eye on the road and pay attention.
2. Don't upgrade stinky pods.
3. During races take advantage of repair.
Discovered by Damned Man

Upgrade Pods & More Tips: About Damned Man's Tip #2: you can upgrade any pod you want, just don't race in the stinky pods. In single player, the upgrade level and damage level for all equipment in all pods are equal.  This doesn't mean they perform exactly the same; they just have the same equipment in the same condition. FWIW, I have the Win9x version not N64.

  1. Always race "winner take all," and uh ... always win.

  2. Buy repair droids as early as possible.

  3. Buy all major upgrades from the junkyard.  The money you save will be your own.

  4. Replace a good part with a broken version of the same thing in the junkyard.  That may sound like stupid advice, but you get a lot of money sometimes and it's only a minor setback.  If you race clean, the part will be repaired within a race or two.  Same part, more money. Discovered by Roky

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