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Monday -  October 4, 1999

Podracer News Bits - Cali @6:16 pm EDT

Gamesdomain has mentioned a Star Wars: Episode I Racer FAQ by A Moreno: This is in a Text format. Starwars.com has posted a picture with two Jawas watching the Podracers fly.


Saturday -  October 2, 1999  

Podracer To Use Hikaru - Cali @2:01 pm EDT
TFN has some other news about the Dreamcast version of Pod Race, and some of the ramifications it will have on gamers:

The Pod Racer Arcade game will not be on the Naomi Arcade boards (which are easily compatible w/ the Dreamcast). The game will be on the new Hikaru Arcade board. This new board does light sourcing and special effects better than Naomi. I do not know if this new board is %100 compatible with the DC. So in short, the Pod Racer Arcade game may make it to the Dreamcast, but it may not be arcade perfect.

Sunday -  September 19, 1999  

Racer Not Running Off Naomi? - Cali @6:26 pm EDT

Dreamcaster.net has posted some details concerning Episode 1: Racer. Here are the details:

A few weeks ago, Lucasarts' commitment to both the arcades and to Dreamcast was revealed with the announcement of Episode I: Racer. Naturally, everyone expected the game to be running off of Naomi hardware, but this is not exactly the case. Apparently, Episode I: Racer is running off of some modified form of Naomi that gives it a little more power. A Dreamcast port is still likely, but the fact that this game is not running off of the base Naomi hardware may make the game a little more difficult to convert.

Sunday -  September 19, 1999  

Pit Droids Demo Review

LucasGames has released a demo review of Lucas Learning's Pit Droid, a Star Wars Episode 1: Phantom Menace puzzle game. Here is a clip from the storyline:

Looming over Tatooine in a transport ship is the largest shipment of these pit droids that Watto, the Toydarian junk dealer, has ever purchased. Watto was hoping to sell the droids for various uses on Tatooine. Unfortunately, it turns out that these pit droids are only good at one thing, fixing Podracers. Waiting idly in their ship, the pit droids have already caused more damage than even Watto's star mechanic, Anakin Skywalker, could possibly repair. Desperate, Watto begs the player's assistance in moving these mindless mechanicals from their transport ship to the Podrace Arena where their energies can be put to good use.

Friday -  September 17, 1999

Podracer Dreamcast News

Theforce.net has posted some details on the Dreamcast version for Podracer.

Dreamcast.net has an article that suggests again the new Pod Racer Arcade game will come to the new Dreamcast. Apparently, the Naomi is the arcade version of the Dreamcast. It's the same system with a little more RAM.

There is also some interesting news on the Dreamcast Port:

Your page states that Naomi is the Arcade version of the Dreamcast. This is true to an extent. Naomi arcade boards can be combined. (there is a Ferrari game in Japan that uses 3 boards). Dreamcast is able to do a single Naomi board. Pod Racer Arcade may in fact make an appearence on the Dreamcast, but only if its a single Naomi board game, or if they make a single board version (which is what they did for that Ferrari game). We've still got HIGH hopes for this game. Did you download the movie yet?

Tuesday -  September 14, 1999  

Sega's Racer Revealed - Cali @11:14 am EDT

TFN has news about GameFan releasing some exclusive preview screenshots of Sega's upcoming Star Wars: Episode One Racer arcade game. They ask, "Could this be the secretive Star Wars Dreamcast game rumored to be headed for the US?" See their site for the rest of the pictures.


Monday -  September 13, 1999  

EchoStation Review - Cali @10:35 am EDT

Echostation released a review on the Podracer game for both PC and N64. Here is a clip from the introduction:

Once again, Lucas Arts has released spin-off games for Star Wars®. This time, the games are related to the newest movie Episode 1: The Phantom Menace™. I was one of the many who pre-ordered the Episode One: Racer™ game, but one of the few that actually waited until after the movie to play it. (Granted this was because I broke my joystick a day earlier on a multiplayer game of Mysteries of the Sith™, and needed to replace it, but I still waited.) So I saw the movie. It was good. It obviously wasn’t the movie to end all movies, but it was worthy of the name Star Wars®. That’s enough of that, this is a game review, and not a movie review. So…Episode One: Racer™.


Friday -  September 10, 1999

Multiplayer Podracer Tips! - Cali @8:19 pm EDT

Here are some tips sent in from Shudong Yang concerning the IPX for Multiplayer:

1. Dont think that the other people are cpu racers because they aren't and plus they're much better than the retarded AI of the cpu's.

2. Practice the track 20 more times than you thihnk you should. If you crash it, you've just cost yourself the whole race.

3. Most?some? people are very crappy at Podracing. They all have this disease that causes them to continually swerve left and right in a futile effort to steady the racer.

4. Don't trust those wimps playing as Bullseye Navior.

5. If someone has a very big podracer, expect him/her/it to try to trash people with it

6. Boost all you ever can, but don't get an engine fire.

7. If you find yourself losing, try using Sebulba's podracer (you won the SP game, haven't you? Right?) on the training course and see how you do.

8. Sebulba's flamejet doesnt seem to affect cpu, but it makes humans very angry.

We have added these tips to our ever growing Strategy section for future references. Morte Tips should be announced soon!


Tuesday -  August 31, 1999

Jacob Stephens Moves On - Cali @4:31 pm EDT

Ray 'Moongod' Gresko of Nihilistic Software has updated his .plan file with news about a new member! Here are the details from his .plan file:

I'm very pleased to welcome aboard the 12th member of Nihilistic Software - Jacob Stephens! Jacob started his career in games at LucasArts in 1996, after graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. As part of the Jedi Knight level design team, he designed and completed work on eight levels in the game, including the well-received Level 16: The Falling Ship. Since Jedi, Jacob has sharpened his design skills creating levels for Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, and Star Wars: Episode I Racer. He's recently been modeling 3D sets for a yet-to-be-announced project at LucasArts. [Read More]


Monday -  August 30, 1999

Pod Racer Debug - Cali @7:51 pm EDT
Theforce.net has reported news about a code for those that still haven't been able to conquer the debug mode of N64 TPM Pod Racer. Here's the goods:

For the Nintendo 64 if you use the normal code inserting procedure (selecting an empty file and holding Z the entire time and pressing L to select a letter and after you enter the code , while still holding Z, select "end" and select it with L. Then you press B and may use that code under any file. The code is RRTANGENTABACUS. It opens all cheats in the cheat menu that can be accessed by pressing pause during a race and, using the control pad, entering "left, down, right, up". You can now change almost all aspects of the games original programing (When you turn it off or change races it will reset itself) from the speed of yourself or other players that you are racing against (from a measly 100 to 3000 mph), or the rate of cooling, etc. You have to try this out.


Sunday -  August 29, 1999

Staff Additions! - Cali @1:19am EDT

We're expanding! That's right, JediKnight.Net and the LucasGames Network will be expanding to encompass upcoming titles being released by LucasArts. In addition, we want to greatly increase the amount of news and coverage on existing sites within the network. I will of course be posting news as usual, but more team members should equal more news and more coverage for our readers. 

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the LucasGames Network, it currently includes the following sites:

We're also a proud member of the rapidly expanding IGN Network, one of the most trafficked online gaming networks in the world. We're looking for several initial volunteers to help cover news on a daily basis. You should be able to update at least 2 times a day, if Star Wars gaming news should happen to break. These positions will be volunteer status, but may eventually lead to a compensated position. (Don't have illusions about getting rich though, we all have full-time jobs or are in school and this is done for the fun of it in the end.) However, if you're looking to become a member of a team in an exciting expanding network, this might be your chance. Although we use a news script, you should have some basic knowledge of HTML and you should be familiar with the online Star Wars Gaming community. A good candidate might be a college student who has time to check for news and update in between classes... or someone who has access to the net during the day. In the end, if you're looking to have some fun updating about Star Wars Gaming news and related material, and you're interested in joining a proven team, Email Us the following information.

  • Name
  • Web experience: (URL for sites created or worked on, etc.)
  • Let us know why you want to join the team and what you think you can bring to the LucasGames Network.
  • Include your age, and whatever additional information you feel appropriate.

-Thanks in advance to all who respond! We'll only be picking 2 or 3 people at a maximum, but we'll respond to each inquiry.


Saturday -  August 28, 1999

Pod Fly-By Sequence - Cali @4:54pm EDT
3dpalette has posted some fan art called "Pod Fly-By Sequence" from a guy by the name of Israel "Izzy" Long.

LEC Programmer Interview - Cali @2:24pm EDT
Game-Interviews has reported news about Mac Gamer's Ledge conducted an interview with Eric Johnson, programmer for Lucas Arts. He is currently working on the port of the Episode 1: Racer.


Saturday -  August 22, 1999

Podracing Webring - Cali @11:45pm EDT

Stephen Milliken has sent word about a Podracing webring being created for all Podracing related sites. We have added the Podracing Webring site to our links section for future references.


Saturday -  August 14, 1999

SW Racer Review - Cali @5:22am EDT

Digital Review has posted their point of view of Lucasarts' Podracer game. The review includes 5 screenshots and they gave the game an overall score of 3 out of 5 hearts. Here is a clip:

All in all, Star Wars Episode I: Pod Racer is a strong game, certainly above average. The main fault is it's lack of longevity which is why the gameplay scores are down. I would definitely recommend this to a fan of the films or anyone else who likes their high speed racing thrills. If your happy paying for your short sharp shocks then this is for you.

Thursday -  August 12, 1999

Episode One: Racer - Cali @9:55am EDT
MPOG recently released a review of Star Wars Episode One: Racer. Here's a clip:

"Not too long ago in a galaxy not too far away, George Lucas needed money. Lo, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was born, and a new slew of product tie-ins was sure to follow. Lunch boxes, toys, T-shirts, body washes (yes body washes), and of course, games. LucasArts has a long history of hit-and-miss releases utilizing (pillaging?) the Star Wars franchise (anyone remember Rebel Assault?). But they never really have to worry about their games selling well. Slap "Star Wars" on the box and it's off the shelf faster than you can say sequel... or prequel. As long as the public gets to play their favorite characters and gadgets they will buy the game. The point is, LucasArts does not NEED to make a quality game. However, they sometimes do. The unimaginatively titled "Racer" is one of those."

PitDroids Movie - Cali @7:12am EDT
JediNet Software has news about Gamespot having the debut of the PitDroids movie for Quicktime. It's available in two different sizes, with the larger file offering a slightly larger picture size. The three-minute movie showcases Watto, gameplay footage, and explanations of the game itself. There is a download for both large and small files.


Monday -  August 9, 1999

New Strategy Guide - Cali @1:32pm EDT
Monolithic Illusions has finished their 8-page Episode I: Racer Strategy Guide. We have added the guide to our Strategy section for future references.


Sunday -  August 8, 1999

Episode 1 Racer Leagues - Cali @7:51pm EDT
Episode 1 Racer Leagues contains the top times for all the circuits that people submit and can try to beat. Email Steve your best times. It is currently partly constructed and the number of tracks available is limit but all track should be there within the month.

Barry's World Review - Cali @5:44am EDT
Barry's World has recently released a review of Star Wars Episode One: Pod Racer. They give the game an overall score of 7 out of 10.


Thursday -  August 5, 1999

3dAlpha Review - Cali @5:00am EDT
A hardware site, 3dAlpha has released a review of Lucasarts' Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Here is a clip:

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is an excelently crafted game that draws on the excitement of Anakin Skywalker's perilous race though the canyons of Tatooine. The first time I saw Episode I, I immediately desired to race through canyons at several hundred kilometers per hour. However, that may prove rather difficult as I have neither the money nor the deathwish to try it out. Luckily for the rest of the world, Lucasarts has come out with a superb recreation of the experience. Episode I Racer, available for both Nintendo 64 and Windows 95 PC, is almost instantly addicting.

Tuesday -  July 27, 1999

GameArena Review - Cali @7:55pm EDT
GameArena.Net has posted online a review of Lucas Arts' most reviewed title to-date, Episode 1: Racer. They give the game an overall score of 91%. Here is an excerpt:

The first thing you notice is the race build up, the atmosphere is one of a big event, there are roars from the crowd as the camera pans round, there is a three, two one countdown and you’re off. The next thing that will amaze you is the sheer speed of the game, because you are travelling so fast, sheer instinct takes over, you have just seconds to decide which way to turn.


Wednesday -  July 21, 1999

Podracer For PSX? - Cali @4:56pm EDT

Thrawn of Jedinet has sent word about Gamespot having a news article concerning Episode I: Racer coming to the Playstation. He also mentioned that PSX.IGN reported some interesting news about Episode I: Racer 'NOT' coming to PSX. It sounds like there is a lot of confusion, hopefully Lucasarts will confirm the truth but for now, I guess most of the Nintendo 64 and PC players have all of the Star Wars Podracer excitement.


Wednesday -  July 14, 1999

Mac Pod Interview- Cali @10:08pm EDT

Theforce.net has news about a Mac Pod Interview. Here are the details:

Matthew tells us of the status of the upcoming Mac conversion of the Pod Racer game, and provides a link for more information:

Here's an update on the release of the Macintosh version of Star Wars Episode I: Racer. Brad Post has worked on many of the LucasArts games which were converted to the Mac platform, and some have even had the priviledge to get advice from him through newsgroups and e-mail. It's a good read, about a guy we trust will make the Mac version state of the art.

Here's the link to the interview posted on the MacGamer's Ledge with Brad Post, the LucasArts Senior Programmer on the Macintosh Episode I Racer conversion project.

Here's an excerpt from the interview, be sure to visdit their site for the entire transcript:

MGL: Are there any things specific to the Mac version of Racer or is it basically identical to the PC ver! sion?

BP: We don't have anything specific yet to declare for the Macintosh. Personally I hope it's better, faster, stronger than the PC version, but we won't know until we get closer to finishing.

Racer Second Opinion- Cali @5:44pm EDT

Gamesdomain has a second opinion of the Star Wars: Episode One: Racer. They also have a review of the Star Wars: Episode One: Insider's Guide. Here is a clip from the 2n opinion on the racer game:

The game is full of cut-scenes. Right from the start, LucasArts have designed an excellent little scene for displaying their logo involving the pit droids. After the expected Star Wars writing going up the screen there is an introduction which is breath taking to say the least. It really is fantastic and is good enough to have come straight from the film.

More Pod Sites- Cali @4:59pm EDT

StarWarsRacers.com is another Podracers site dedicated to the game.

SW Episode 1 Racer Records: This is a record page, you can only submit records for the Boonta Training Course now.

We have added a link to the sites in our links section

© 1999 LucasGames, LLC, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [full disclaimer]